Working from Home and the Importance of Staying Compliant

Mar 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

So many of us are now faced with not only the challenges associated with working from home but having the whole family home as well. There are daily news stories about how to cope with kids who want to go see their friends, work-out routines without gym equipment, and virtual dance parties streamed live via social media. But as members of the health care industry, we must always keep the patient’s information as a top concern. Read below for more information!nnWhether you are working off your work computer hauled into your dining room or a laptop on the kitchen table there are steps you can take to make sure personal health information (PHI) stays secure. Just like being at the office make sure you are locking your computer every time you walk away. If you are talking on the phone make sure you are in a closed room where PHI cannot be heard by other members of your household. Keep your internet tabs to a minimum and close out all unnecessary programs while PHI is open.nnClick on the links below for information on working from home during COVID-19:nnCoping With Children During QuarantinenWork Productively from Home in a Time of Social DistancingnnFrom everyone at Welter Healthcare Partners, we wish all of you health and safety during this time.