Learn about the 400+ ICD-10-CM 2024 changes and
how they will impact your billings & denials 

Join our team of Billing & Coding experts to discuss significant changes to ICD-10-CM!

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Learn to Maximize Billing and Minimize Denials

Navigate ICD-10-CM 2024 Changes

We will discuss how the 400+ ICD-10-CM 2024 changes will impact you revenue, billings, and denials management. We will also discuss how your healthcare organization maximizes compliance with regulatory standards, reducing the risk of costly penalties and audits while optimizing cost efficiency.

Key Topics We Will Discuss

G2211 – Visit Complexity

  • Medicare CMS G2211 final rule for 2024

  • The risks and rewards of CMS G2211 visit complexity

  • Best practice & standardization for documentation & coding of G2211


  • Licensure across state lines

  • Post-pandemic extended and new telehealth services approved by Medicare 

  • Provider home address on claims

  • Behavior health telehealth update

  • Understanding originating vs distant sites

Split Shared Visits  

  • Split or shared visits for Hospital inpatient, Critical care, and Outpatient Hospital campus

  • New or established patients

  • Determining who provided the substantiative portion 

  • Documentation is critical

Delana Williams

Hosted By: Delana Williams
CPC, CPCI, CEDC – Director of Coding and Compliance at Welter Healthcare Partners

Delana brings 26 years of end-to-end revenue cycle experience. She has a track record of optimizing operations in healthcare practices, managing a claims division with data analytics for a health plan processing over 75 million claims annually, resolving a $47 million variance issue, and initiating enterprise-wide projects. Additionally, Ms. Williams is a certified professional coder and educator, and she has established a coding mentorship network and denials management initiatives, making her a valued hybrid model in revenue cycle operations with a focus on communication and collaboration.