URAC CVO Accredidation

WHP is 1 Of Only 6 Companies That Are CVO Certified By Both NCQA & URAC

The URAC accreditation seal signifies an organization’s dedication to surpassing mere regulatory compliance in its credentials verification operations, highlighting its unwavering commitment to excellence in serving purchasers, patients, and providers. Achieving URAC recognition demonstrates to key stakeholders the following assurances:

For Health Care Consumers:

  • Services adhere to best practice standards
  • Appropriately credentialed staff deliver services
  • Engaged staff contribute to consumer satisfaction
  • Consumer privacy is prioritized
  • Services contribute to positive outcomes
  • Cultural and linguistic appropriateness is ensured

For Accredited or Certified Health Care Organization’s Staff:

  • A culture of quality improvement supports services
  • Professional staff qualifications are clearly defined
  • Ethical business practices are upheld
  • Robust systems for performance quality improvement and risk management are in place
  • Policies and procedures address conflict of interest, accountability, and delegation of authority

For State and Federal Regulators:

  • Validation of the delivery of high-quality services is assured
  • Systems for performance and quality improvement are operational
  • Organizational operations demonstrate efficiency
  • Policies and mechanisms for risk management that prevent fraud and abuse are implemented

Welter Healthcare Partners Achieves URAC Accreditation

URAC’s standards serve as our guiding map, allowing us to chart a course towards continuous improvement without prescribing rigid methodologies. This approach fosters innovation within our team while adhering to industry best practices.

Developed in collaboration with a diverse advisory group comprising healthcare professionals, payers, and industry experts, URAC standards:

  • Promote industry best practices
  • Encourage quality improvement
  • Protect and empower consumers

At Welter Healthcare Partners, we uphold four foundational focus areas across all our programs:

  • Risk management
  • Operations infrastructure
  • Performance monitoring and improvement
  • Consumer protection and empowerment

Our accreditation journey with URAC shows our dedication to excellence and our commitment to providing the highest standard of care to our valued clients and patients.

For more information on URAC’s accreditation and certification standards, visit here.