Credentialing / CVO

Verified provider qualifications and training, equals quality patient care.

Practices face significant challenges managing credentialing information for healthcare professionals, especially during expansion or startups.

Inaccuracies with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers, as well as errors in claims or payments, can negatively impact revenue, cash flow, referral patterns, patient care and overall operations. It’s critical to maintain accurate and up to date information to prevent such issues.

Crack the code to success with Welter’s Medical Credentialing program options.

Credentialing / CVO

Credentials Verification Organization (CVO)

Credentials Verification Organization (CVO)

Our services include developing credentialing programs, providing primary source verification, credentialing, re-credentialing services, pre-delegation audits, annual audits, and ongoing monitoring of sanctions, and tracking of provider expirables. We also offer monthly reporting to our clients, meeting virtually any reporting requirement they have.

Welter Healthcare Partners offers CVO automation tools that provide increased efficiency and scalability to meet the needs of growing organizations. Additionally, we provide unlimited provider outreach to gather all the necessary items for a complete provider file. In contrast, our competitors typically follow a “3 attempts and done” process, limiting their ability to gather all the necessary information from providers.

Welter Healthcare Partners URAC accredited CVO offers comprehensive primary source verification and credentialing services to healthcare organizations such as health systems, large provider organizations, managed care organizations, hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers. Our CVO services align with NCQA, JCAHO and other accrediting bodies.

With our expertise, efficient operations, and commitment to compliance, we provide a fast and cost-effective credentialing process while maintaining the highest industry standards.

CVO automation

Welter Healthcare Partners Earns Prestigious NCQA Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) Certification

Achieving this honor places Welter Healthcare Partners in an elite group of six companies that have achieved the coveted URAC Accreditation and NCQA Certification for Credentials Verification Organization (CVO).

“The Welter team consistently delivers timely, accurate and compliant provider files

Centivo Health Plan engaged with Welter Healthcare Partners in August 2020 to provide full scope CVO services, including initial credentialing, re-credentialing, and monthly monitoring.
As a new payer entering the market nationally, we relied on the Welter Healthcare Partners team to help us understand the nuances of provider credentialing and to help assist us in developing workflows for our organizations to work together. Our immediate network development and expansion has been a priority and the Welter Healthcare Partners team has been instrumental in working with our network development team to efficiently and timely onboard providers to begin the credentialing process and has been able to scale their services for our growth and needs.
Our provider network consists of all provider types, currently in 17 states with continued growth. The Welter Healthcare Partners team consistently delivers timely, accurate and compliant provider files to ensure quality and safety of our provider network for our members. We appreciate the timely communication, support, transparency and collaboration the Welter Healthcare Partners team provides. We enjoy working with a partner (not just a vendor) and a team that understands the overall goals and needs of our organization, both short and long term.
I highly recommend Welter Healthcare Partners credentialing services to any organization looking for an experienced CVO partner that truly focuses on the success and goals of the organization’s they work with.

Dominic DePiano
Vice President
Payer Strategy and Network Development