Practice Management

Management, operations and HR consulting services that provide excellent support for any organization’s existing management team

Practice Start Up & Practice Expansion Services

Welter Healthcare Partners specializes in creating comprehensive proformas, budgets, and business cases tailored for medical practices that are considering expansion, adding providers, opening new office locations, or introducing new services. 

Our expertise includes conducting Super P&L – this is a proprietary analysis that provides practices with valuable insights into the current productivity and profitability of their providers. This visibility is crucial in determining the feasibility of adding providers, locations, and other expansions while maintaining profitability. 

We firmly believe in the principle that expanding a practice should only be pursued if the current providers are profitable or operating at maximum productivity. We are here to help you make informed decisions and ensure your practice’s continued success.

Practice Start Up & Practice Expansion Services
Our start-up services make launching a new medical practice, relocating an existing one, or opening a satellite office a breeze. With our approach we ensure success and profitability for physicians and practices alike.


Strategic Business and Financial Planning

A strategic plan is the road map to the future

To build a successful practice, you need a comprehensive plan that outlines strategic goals and resource requirements. A strategic plan serves as a road map for the future, guiding the practice towards its objectives and defining the means to achieve them.

We will assist you in the pre-planning of the practice (click to read more)

Strategic planning 

  • Preliminary planning and assessment; communications and meetings with the physician.

Development of proforma 

  • Revenue and expense projections including start-up budget and projections for the first year of practice (banks require this to obtain capital/credit).

Preliminary development of organizational structure

  • Number of employees, office space set up, etc.
Practice Development and Set-Up

Practice Development and Set-Up

Our goal is to maximize reimbursement and minimize expenses

Achieve turnkey success!

After Step 1, your practice can be fully set up within three to six months. Our aim is to optimize reimbursement, reduce expenses, boost patient volume, and establish a streamlined practice. We’ll manage and coordinate all aspects of the setup, such as:


  • Initial acquisition of managed care agreements
  • Enrollment/credentialing with insurance companies
  • Medicare and Medicaid enrollments

Billing office set up:

  • In-house or outsourced

Human resources 

  • Staff hiring and training, policies and procedures, job descriptions, etc.

Practice Management Support

Practice Management Support
In today’s complex healthcare industry, running a successful and profitable medical practice can be challenging, no matter how many years of experience your management team has. Our expert practice management consultants specialize in practice operations, H/R compliance, financial management, staffing and streamlined workflows, and revenue cycle management for all types of medical specialties. Our management support services can assist you in tackling the greatest challenges by leveraging Welter’s 3 decades of practice management knowledge and expertise.

Revenue Cycle Assessment

Considering the complicated landscape of healthcare reimbursement, optimizing your revenue cycle is a constant challenge. Welter Healthcare Partners’ assessment will provide solutions and strategies to improve your revenue cycle functions, improve staff workflows and productivity, streamline processes and procedures, improve efficiencies and use of technology – all to increase your bottom line and profitability.

Our revenue cycle assessments are customizable and often include:

  • A comprehensive billing operations overview (from patient check-in to claims payment)
  • Reviewing and analyzing your current staffing structure, staff duties and workflows
  • Reviewing your current processes, policies and procedures and utilization of technology and tools to streamline the billing process
  • Reviewing billing and accounts receivable data (fee schedule, charges, payments, adjustments, denials, etc)
  • Reviewing coding productivity and identifying potential coding errors and issues
  • Tips, tools, suggestions and training to proactively increase patient and insurance collections, reduce accounts receivable days, reduce claims denials, etc. 
Revenue Cycle Assessment

“Excellent advice regarding billing, contracting and strategic planning”

I have worked with Welter Healthcare Partners for the last year, and they have consistently given me excellent advice regarding billing, contracting and strategic planning. The Welter Healthcare Partners team is not only knowledgeable, but they are also quick to respond when I ask for help. I highly recommend their services.

Curtis Stephan
Center for Spine and Orthopedics