Case Studies


Welter Healthcare Partners recently collaborated with Empower Healthcare Solutions of Arkansas, an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) or behavioral health (BH) needs. Empower Healthcare Solutions operates on a member and consumer-driven model, prioritizing individualized care coordination and engagement.

The Challenge

Empower encountered several challenges within the Medicaid sector regarding achieving network adequacy. Previous experiences with credentialing services fell short in professionalism and thoroughness, leading to compromised outcomes and an increased risk to the company. Preceding CVOs focused on workflow efficiency rather than ensuring providers were ready to deliver quality healthcare.

“We need providers and Welter helps us get them on our network”- Greg Lueck, Empower

The Objective

The primary objective was to enhance Empower’s credentialing processes, ensuring thoroughness, professionalism, and alignment with quality standards. WHP aimed to provide superior service, surpassing competitors by emphasizing collaboration, professionalism, and comprehensive credentialing solutions.

The Solution

WHP developed a CVO solution tailored to Empower’s needs. Welter combines advanced technology with personalized service to ensure thorough credentialing and provider readiness. The solution prioritized quality, recognizing the high stakes involved in credentialing and its impact on patient care and company reputation.

“Credentialing can make or break a company” – Greg Lueck, Empower


Implementation involved close collaboration between WHP and Empower, with a focus on personalized service and thoroughness. WHP’s credentialing reports were professional, up-to-date, and comprehensive, requiring minimal additional questions in credentialing committee meetings. Despite challenges, the collaborative approach fostered trust and confidence in WHP’s service.

The Results

WHP’s CVO solution brought noticeable benefits to Empower Healthcare Solutions. Our provider network can be challenging to expand, and the personal touch the WHP team provides helps ensure Empower can grow and maintain a stable network for Empower’s patient population.  Our partnership with WHP is better than past experiences with other vendors, showing the importance of professionalism and commitment in healthcare collaborations.


The success of the partnership underscores the importance of prioritizing quality and collaboration over price-centric approaches in healthcare credentialing. Moving forward, continued investment in comprehensive credentialing solutions and personalized service will be essential for both parties to maintain trust and ensure quality care delivery.


The partnership between Welter Healthcare Partners and Empower Healthcare Solutions exemplifies the impact of prioritizing quality and collaboration in healthcare credentialing. Through a blend of advanced technology and personalized service, Empower successfully overcame challenges, positioning itself as a leader in delivering quality care within the Medicaid landscape.

Welter Healthcare Partners, a seasoned entity in healthcare consultancy, has been instrumental in equipping physician practices and healthcare organizations for over three decades. With a commitment to fostering profitable and successful medical practices, Welter Healthcare Partners has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry. 


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Empower Healthcare Solutions of Arkansas.