Coding Compliance

Welter Healthcare Partners stays informed of changing coding standards helping you to maximize reimbursement and mitigate risk

Welter Healthcare Partners offers comprehensive coding services that fulfill all your practice’s coding requirements. Our team consists of certified and experienced coding specialists who are experts in compliant coding, documentation, and billing practices. By utilizing our services, you not only enhance your reimbursement processes but also gain an extra layer of protection against payer audits. Our coding specialists bring objectivity, integrity, confidentiality, credibility, expertise, and excellent customer service to ensure your coding needs are met effectively.

Welter Healthcare Partners stays informed of changing coding standards so you don’t have to.

Denial Mitigation

Claims from insurance companies can be denied for various reasons, leading to unpaid amounts that are rightfully owed to your practice. It is essential to advocate for your practice and ensure that you receive the revenue you deserve. Our team of experts specializes in reviewing denial backlogs and implementing strategies to maximize your claim reimbursements, ultimately improving your bottom line.
Denial Mitigation

Coding Compliance and Audits

Coding Compliance and Audits
Medical coding and documentation is a crucial part of medical practice reimbursement and compliance. Incorrect coding and documentation can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue. 

Regular coding audits can reveal a multitude of issues such as:

    • Outdated or invalid codes that can result in claims denials.
    • Over-coding that can result in payer audits, fines and repayment of funds.
    • Under-coding that can result in a loss of appropriate practice revenue.
    • Inappropriate coding practices such as unbundling, inappropriate modifiers, inappropriate use of incident-to, inappropriate use of locum tenens. These are just some errors that can result in fraudulent billing practices, payer audits, loss in revenue and possible regulatory intervention.
    • Insufficient documentation to support the codes billed.
Medical coding audits serve as a vital quality assurance process, ensuring that practices secure accurate reimbursement, establish and enforce appropriate policies and procedures, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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Code and document correctly through provider audits and education

  • Providers are not typically trained on proper coding and documentation as part of their formal education
  • Whether you are leaving money on the table or putting your organization at risk for a payer audit, the financial impact of missing documentation can be substantial to your organization
  • CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) requires annual provider audits and education by an external third party


Ongoing education throughout the year to reinforce provider knowledge and review coding changes that occur

  • Coding rules and guidelines constantly change, not staying up to date will affect your reimbursement
  • Stay up to date with the OIG (Office of Inspector General) annual work plan & enforcement activities to combat fraud


Monitor opportunities and required changes discovered through audits

  • Track your organization’s and provider’s accuracy and coding success through specialized reporting


Plan and create an ongoing coding compliance strategy that works

  • CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) requires organizations to have a written coding compliance plan


Leverage Welter’s coding experts to keep your revenue and team on track

  • Our 30 years of experience with coding compliance will give your organization the ongoing support it needs
  • Our team will support your organization in the event of a payer audit and take-back request or other regulatory intervention


Yield the best results through annual audits and review of policies and procedures

  • CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) requires annual audits and education by an external third party

Outsourced Coding Reviews

Our coding specialists provide comprehensive coding services for all specialties and provider types. We analyze documentation, ensuring medical necessity for each service and identify all billable opportunities. Our team proactively communicates with clients, providing feedback when documentation puts revenue at risk. We also familiarize ourselves with our client’s major payers, patient demographics, ancillary services, and bundled services to anticipate changes that could impact reimbursement, providing an added layer of expertise and protection.

Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF)

With expertise in Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) coding, Welter offers services such as RAF program implementation, RADV (Risk Adjustment Data Validation) audits, physician and coder education/support, and clinical documentation improvement. Our approach includes ongoing training, monitoring, and performance improvement measures to ensure compliance with risk adjustment factor scoring. 

Welter aims to help providers document accurately, ensuring the highest level of specificity in diagnosis coding and communication of risk.

Coding Education

Coding Questions and Mentorship

Are you unsure about how to code and bill for a service?  Our expert team can assist your practice in finding answers to your most challenging coding issues and questions. Our team is committed to going above and beyond to solve even the toughest coding conundrums.  Practice coding and billing specialists face challenges in keeping practices financially viable. We provide expert mentoring to your staff, including provider communication techniques, new coder development, process improvement strategies, escalation of compliance issues, and team building. Our mentoring helps your team acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to overcome these challenges and ensure your practice’s financial success.

Coding Education

Specialty Roadmaps

Specialty Roadmaps

We partner with our clients to design roadmaps and workflows that ensure success in the areas of coding and compliance, enabling your practice to maximize revenue while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Independent Review Organization (IRO)

As a leading organization in the United States, Welter Healthcare Partners offers a unique service:

Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) reviews as an independent review organization. In response to escalating allegations of fraud and abuse associated with unlawful billing and coding practices, certain physicians and practices are mandated to enter into Corporate Integrity Agreements, which necessitate engaging an Independent Review Organization (IRO) to assess their billing practices. Serving as an IRO, we conduct thorough and impartial reviews tailored to the requirements of the CIA. Our evaluations focus on CIA compliance, executing necessary review procedures, and delivering training to prevent future deficiencies.

As one of the only CIA review organizations, we can help to protect your practice and revenue.

Independent Review Organization (IRO)

“For strong coding and billing compliance program… Welter has been a great collaborator”

In an environment of increasing scrutiny and regulation it has never been more important to have a strong coding and billing compliance program in place to demonstrate the commitment of the organization to ongoing review and improvement. While it is important to do this on a continual basis internally, it is extremely helpful to have an independent review and independent reinforcement of the coding and documentation principles for the providers as well. Over the last 15+ years, Welter Healthcare Partners has been a great collaborator, helping us to develop a strong review and feedback program that works for our organization. Welter Healthcare Partners staff is consistent and reliable and they allow for participation of the internal coding and billing staff in the educational meetings. I think that is the part I appreciate the most – the collaboration and the support. They reinforce what we are already telling our providers about the importance of accurate and compliant coding and billing.

Maggie Amero, CPC
Director of Physician Revenue Cycle
Boulder Community Hospital Physician