Web Based Transformative Coaching Information Sessions

Mar 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

CTCi group, the center for transformative coaching, is offering two sessions to help management teams and other professionals understand the importance of effective management. These web based sessions are developed in a way to help you and your employees succeed!nnnRead more about each individual program and click the link below each description for more information or to register.nn nn


12-week, Virtual Course — “Coach-Approach™” to Effective Management

nLike two wings of a plane; one being technical skills and the other people skills, we oftentimes focus so much on the technical skills that we fail to develop our staff in the “people skills of good business”. And yet, it takes both wings to fly a plane or both skill sets to build a “good to great” organization. Ironically, it is the failure in people skills that typically “brings the plane down” (or the major project!). But it doesn’t have to be this way!nnInvest in yourself and/or your managers today by taking CTCi’s “Coach-Approach™” to Effective Management 12-week, virtual course. Learn the 11-Core Competencies of coaching and discover how to draw out the “greatness and giftings” of your staff to build high-powered; synergistic teams. What should you do next?n


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30 Minute FREE Webinar — Why Professionals Hire a Coach, and Why They Don’t!

nCoaching is one of the fastest growing professions with revenues in excess of $2B annually. But why? Why are professionals oftentimes hiring coaches and perhaps just as importantly, why are many not?  In this 30-minute live webinar, John Seville, CEO of CTCi Group, will explore these questions and host a dynamic Q&A session with attendees. If you’re considering hiring a coach, this is a “must-attend” webinar you don’t want to miss!n