Vote No on Amendment 69 and Save Colorado's Market-Based Health Care System

Aug 23, 2016 | Uncategorized

Vote No on Amendment 69 and Save our Market-Based Health Care System Welter Healthcare Partners strongly believes that transparent competition among payers and providers regarding value and cost is the only way to make the delivery of health care more effective and efficient.

nColorado’s Amendment 69 does nothing to address either issue. Amendment 69 is an incredibly expensive attempt to fix what is not working, but in the process will eliminate all of the things that do work, and do work well. Why would we go backward only to regain ground we have already traveled? Amendment 69 is a baby and the bathwater approach to very complex, multifactorial societal issues affecting costs, infrastructure, taxes, the attraction, education and distribution of providers, how, why and by whom health care is consumed, etc. The backers of Amendment 69 have yet to publish a comprehensive plan to do this.nnWe need more competition, not less! We urge a vote no on 69. In doing so we should also prevent the mega–mergers which we are facing with Anthem and CIGNA, Aetna and Humana. Competition is a good thing, transparency is a good thing; we should move in the direction of both and we should do so expeditiously.n

Click here for more information on Amendment 69 and to endorse NO!