U codes ~ ICD-10

Jan 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

Vaping and E-cigarette use by young adults has grown over the past few years. While many are ignoring the effects of using these products, the CDC and CMS have released addendums regarding these products after the World Health Organization confirmed the side effects of vapes and e-cigarettes. Read below for more on these important updates and what new codes will be used in conjunction with vaping-related disorders.nnWe have all seen the stories in the news lately about the effects vaping and e-cigarettes are having on young adults. The implications cannot be ignored and considering how quickly the World Health Organization (WHO) has responded it only confirms our suspicions.nnIn December, the CDC and CMS published the full addenda regarding the use of the new emergency U code for e-cigarette and vaping associated lung injuries (EVALI). This new code, U07.0 [Vaping-related disorder] is to be used in conjunction with other established ICD-10 codes for the reporting of medical encounters for EVALI.nnRefer to the links for the full releases by the CDC including CMS links to further information.n

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