Telemedicine… And Why It Is Popular

Jan 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

Telemedicine refers to remote clinical services that utilize electronic communications and software to facilitate health care without an in-person visit. Telemedicine technology can be used for a number of different services include medication management, management of chronic health conditions, consultations, and follow-up visits. These services are conducted via secure video and audio connections, typically on a mobile device or computer.nnTraditionally used to treat patients in remote places, telehealth is now used in many different healthcare settings, including convenient care facilities. Within healthcare, one of the most hot-button topics is patient expectation. Patients may not be privy to this discussion very often but, it is likely on every doctor’s mind.nnNow that about 77% of Americans own smartphones and can use their mobile devices to do a nearly endless number of tasks and activities, people are expecting more from healthcare. In fact, many patients expect their experience at a healthcare facility to live up to their experience with brands, restaurants, and retail stores. One of the most common demands patients have of their healthcare providers is convenient, more affordable care. To meet this demand, doctors and their staff have begun to adopt telemedicine technology.nnAre you implementing telemedicine in your practice and want help to ensure you navigate the changes correctly? Contact Welter Healthcare Partners to help!nnInformation originally published on