Stress Caused by Taking Time-Off

Jun 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

As many of us in the healthcare industry have stayed particularly busy throughout the past few months, it’s important to remember the need for time-off. Even though current situations have many of us canceling or changing vacation plans, one aspect of time-off is always the stress involved with being away. Read below for more on the importance of taking time off from work.nnRecent polls show that over half of Americans do not take vacation time. Elizabeth Grace Saunders, a time management coach, wrote a great article in 2018 for Harvard Business news sitting four steps to help manage or relieve the stress that is associated with extended time-off. One of the most important being to “sign off”.nnWe constantly have work around us because of our cell phones. This can be one of the most challenging aspects for so many of us to not pick up the phone every time we hear a notification. Saunders also emphasizes the need to prioritize the items that can be put on hold while you are away.nnSo send your supervisor that time-off request that you have been holding onto and go enjoy some time away from work!nnClick here for more information on how to take the stress out of taking time off!