Rheumatic vs Non-Rheumatic Heart Disease

Dec 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

This week we wanted to take a different approach to our surgery procedure coding and talk about a diagnosis in a TTE. Read below for an example of coding TTE’s.nnnExample: Coding TTE’s that has aortic valve stenosis with mitral valve insufficiency.nn[Since the provider does not specifically state that the cause of the valve disease was non-rheumatic, our guidelines tell us to assume rheumatic origin when valve disease affects multiple valves and the valvular heart disease is not described as non-rheumatic. If referring to the index within ICD-10, we would go to category I08.- which includes “multiple valve diseases specified as rheumatic or unspecified” and use I08.0.]nnAnswer: The correct code is I08.0 multiple valve disease. If you index the mitral valve insufficiency, you see the guidance there to w/aortic valve disease I08.0. If we index the aortic valve stenosis first, we are guided to I35.0 which has an Excludes 1 note (not coded here) aortic valve disorder of unspecified cause but with disease of mitral and/or tricuspid valve(s)(I08.-).nWhat makes coding valvular heart disease most confusing is that unlike the aortic, mitral & pulmonary valves, tricuspid valve disorders are presumed rheumatic on their own (without other valvular involvement).nnHere’s a link that has some good general info about rheumatic heart disease.