Republican Health Bill Future Dependent on Financial Analysis

May 26, 2017 | Uncategorized

Republican Health Bill Future Dependent on Financial AnalysisThe Republican Health Bill financial analysis will reveal whether or not the bill will miss required targets, and ultimately determine if the House will have to redo the vote.nnHouse Republicans are waiting anxiously for a new financial estimate on their Obamacare repeal proposal that could force them into a do-over on the bill they barely passed early this month.nnSpeaker Paul Ryan says he is uncertain about the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office analysis of the measure’s budget impact — critical for meeting Senate rules that would let the GOP pass it with a simple majority amid unanimous Democratic opposition.nn”We have every reason to believe we are going to hit our mark,” Ryan of Wisconsin told reporters Tuesday. Still he added, “CBO scores have been unpredictable in cases in the past.”nnFor the health plan to comply with requirements for using a streamlined Senate process called reconciliation, the CBO will have to conclude that it reduces the deficit by at least $2 billion over 10 years. If not, the House will have to redo the bill to meet that standard and vote on it again. And that won’t be easy after the weeks of negotiations and revisions that led to the American Health Care Act’s May 4 passage by a narrow 217-213 House majority.n


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