R. Todd Welter Presents at the Daniels Health Care Club's Inaugural Event

May 23, 2013 | Uncategorized

R. Todd Welter Presents at the Daniels Health Care Club's Inaugural EventEarlier this week, our very own R. Todd Welter presented “How I Got into the Health Care Industry… by Accident!” for the Daniels Health Care Club’s Inaugural Event with the Daniels College of Business of the University of Denver.n

Todd,nnOn behalf of the HCC, I just wanted to thank you again. Some well respected students commented to me about how inspiring your talk was. One even said they never understood health care like they do now. The club is off to a great start.nnLooking forward to plugging you in next year if you’re available.nnBest regards,nPhil S. Of the Daniels College of Business | University of Denver

nPlease join us in wishing Mr. Welter a huge congratulations on such an honor!nnMr. Welter has over 25 years of healthcare industry experience assisting physicians and other providers, hospitals and other facilities with the business side of medicine.  Through strategic planning and analysis, Mr. Welter’s main focus is increasing revenues and profitability.  
Mr. Welter has a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Regis University in Denver where he has had an appointment as affiliate faculty in the School for Professional Studies for over ten years.  In addition, Mr. Welter holds a faculty appointment at the prestigious University of Denver.