Protect the Integrity of Your Revenue — Getting Back to Basics with Your Business Systems

Oct 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

Our weekly series of “Getting Back to Basics with Your Business Systems” is designed to help ensure you are running a profitable business. This week we will review how new payer credentialing requirements are putting more pressure on medical practices and how easily you can get behind. Read below and follow over the next few weeks as we reveal new pointers that will allow you to take an “outside” look at your business systems and encourage you to make changes if needed. nnProtect the Integrity of Your Revenue!nnProvider credentialing management is more cumbersome, technical and time intensive than ever! New payer credentialing requirements imposed more regularly (government payer vendor changes, increased monitoring of providers, etc.) is wreaking havoc on practices. Failure to meet deadlines, lack of follow up, and allowing things to fall through the cracks will create disruptions in your revenue stream, cash flow and patient care. These are unnecessary disruptions you simply cannot afford! The days of an office manager, biller, medical assistant or receptionist being able to stay on top of provider credentialing are over – you simply don’t have time to focus on it!nnDon’t get behind… Let us help! You can get started TODAY with Welter Healthcare Partners’s FREE revenue assessment. Offered with no obligation, you will receive a free revenue assessment and free follow up consultation to see where and how much you might be losing. CLICK HERE to learn more about the assessment and contact us to schedule your review!nn