Primary Care Fund Application Certification

May 13, 2012 | Uncategorized

Primary Care Fund Application CertificationColorado’s Primary Care Fund provides grants to healthcare providers who care for underserved populations and meet specific qualifications. The funds are generated from the collection of tobacco taxes in accordance with Section 21 of Article X (Tobacco Taxes for Health Related Purposes) of the State Constitution.nnThe Primary Care Fund application process requires that providers must use a formula to submit the percent of unduplicated users/patients served by the applicant agency who are enrolled in Medicaid and CHP+ or medically indigent. This data must be certified (or verified) by an outside entity prior to the submission of the application.nn Welter Healthcare Partners is qualified as an outside entity to complete the certification of the numbers of unduplicated user/patient counts for the Primary Care Fund application. If you need assistance with your Primary Care Fund application, contact Welter Healthcare Partners immediately at 303-534-0388.nnFor more information, visit