Notice of Material Change

Jun 10, 2014 | Uncategorized

Seems to be the Season for the Notice of Material Change!

nshutterstock_157487120The health plans are required to send out a NOMC anytime there is a change that may affect provider compensation. nnTimes, must be a changing, as we are seeing an unprecedented number of NOMC notices.nnManaged care contracting is, increasingly, more about strategy than just rates, fee schedules and dates on a page.  The health plans now have more competition: more plans, payment models and methodologies.  They are also competing not just for the traditional employer business, but also for individuals.  We (yes We – as you are a part of it, like it or not) are in a mad race to create and market  plans that sound like PPO (with open networks) but are in reality very narrow networks with very specific patient cost share and steerage components.nnNavigation of these wild times requires strategy (both contracting strategy and billing know how)!  Let us help you navigate the treacherous currents and eddies and help you be successful…after all it is a $2 Trillion industry, there is plenty of money, it’s just in different places than it used to be.n

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