Making the Most of Your Health in the Workplace

Feb 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

Make the Most of Your Health in the WorkplaceMaking the most out of the time we have at work to stay healthy can be a real struggle. Health and workplace environments can alter the way we feel so finding this balance is essential to feeling your best. Continue reading to learn more about workplace health and how to stay active.nnHeart health is essential and should be part of your daily routine both at home and at work. As part of Heart Health Month, this little reminder from the American Heart Association can be printed or saved as your reminder to not let your workload distract you from a healthy life.nnFollow these five exercises as a way to break up your day.nn

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  1. Start with your commute; try walking or cycling to work. Even if this isn’t possible park further from the entrance or in our current COVID PHE, start with a working walk around the yard or neighborhood. Even a 5-minute walk to the mailbox can be beneficial.
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  3. Stretch it out; Start at your neck and move throughout your body, taking a few moments to concentrate on each area. YouTube can be a great resource to follow simple full-body stretching routines that can be done in 15 minutes or less.
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  5. Transform screen time; Use a standing desk or even under desk bike pedals to allow productivity to continue while moving. Even the use of stability ball chairs can help to strengthen and tone core muscles.
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  7. Walk and talk; the use of headsets and cellphones can allow those lengthy phone meetings to be a great opportunity for movement. You can even do this without braving the cold winter weather by using the stairs or hallways in your buildings.
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  9. Deskercise; Use your desk, chair, and walls to practice modified exercises. Those heavy codebooks can even be used as weights.
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