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ICD-10We are done right? We made it, we are ok… keep rolling on… NOT so fast!nnICD-10 is key to a lot of the new regulations that are rolling out—MIPS and MACRA being great examples. As always it is all about documentation of services. ICD-10 has a lot more granularity, lots more codes to describe conditions and causes. It is this level of granularity that is so powerful. It is incredibly important to accurate HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category) scoring. This is an absolute MUST when it comes to Medicare Advantage plans! Good and especially thorough ICD-10 coding and documentation helps better define conditions. This directly affects HCC scoring. HCC scoring is the Golden Nugget in the MA world.nn


Todd150About R. Todd Welter • MS, CPCnFounder and President of Welter Healthcare Partners

nMr. Welter has over 25 years of healthcare industry experience assisting physicians and other providers, hospitals and other facilities with the business side of medicine. Through strategic planning and analysis, Mr. Welter’s main focus is to strategically increase revenues and profitability in this radically changing health care environment. 
Mr. Welter has a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership from Regis University in Denver where he has had an appointment as affiliate faculty in the School for Professional Studies for over ten years. In addition, Mr. Welter holds a faculty appointment at the University of Denver’s University College. In the Health Care Leadership program he teaches Macro Economics in Health Care and Innovative Strategies and Change in Health Care to graduate students.