Get Prepared – CMS Audits for Meaningful Use

Nov 8, 2013 | Uncategorized

Get Prepared – CMS Audits for Meaningful UseAre you confident that you will pass a Medicare Meaningful Use audit if you’re selected?

nPrior to January 2013, CMS via the Figlozzi & Company firm has conducted meaningful use audits at random and only after the incentive money was distributed to the eligible provider. Since then Medicare providers who are eligible for the incentive money and those who have attested are subject to audits even before Medicare makes the incentive payment them!nnBe on the lookout for a letter from Figlozzi & Company (click here to see a sample letter). Eligible providers who receive this letter are required to submit the supporting or source documentation for the meaningful use attestation.nnBEFORE that happens, let Welter Healthcare Partners Meaningful Use Experts conduct a “mock audit” to determine your level of compliance, accuracy and preparedness. We can help you avoid the stress and headache of a real audit!nnIf you have successfully selected, purchased, implemented and are now utilizing a certified Electronic Health Record system meaningfully (according to CMS standards) and you have either already attested or you are about to attest to your achievements, we can give you peace of mind that your data is accurate and your practice and providers are in compliance.n

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