Flu Season During COVID-19

Oct 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

Just when we thought the past 6 months of 2020 have been hard enough, we now are quickly approaching our annual flu season. According to the CDC, flu season occurs in fall and winter with recommendations for flu shots administration in September and October. Read below to find out more.nnIn the past few years, flu vaccine administration has been increasing among adults 18 and older, and with the added concern and uncertainty of COVID-19, experts are optimistic that this flu season will not only persuade patients who have been hesitant about vaccines but also encourage them to reestablish care with a primary care provider (PCP).nnWith so many national and local pharmacies administering vaccines, clinicians and private practices are being encouraged to ramp up their team for the uncertain road ahead. Start with offering immunizations to your patient populations. Begin a marketing campaign to get the word out about your vaccines. Offer vaccines to your patient’s curbside. And continue to care for patients with telehealth opportunities.nnCMS even has a Flu Vaccine Partner Toolkit that can help you and your practice prepare. Click here to read it!