COVID-19 Welter Healthcare Partners Support Services

Apr 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

COVID-19  Welter Healthcare Partners Support ServicesUnfortunately, with the COVID-19 crisis, many providers and other healthcare organizations have had to make tough decisions regarding personnel and workflows, including staff furloughs and temporary lay-offs. While these decisions are necessary in these unprecedented times, these types of interruptions can often lead to a backlog of work creating delays in sending claims, claims payments, and overall revenue and cash flow.  It can also result in non-compliance in areas such as coding, and provider credentialing and enrollment with payers and facilities.  nnWe are here to help you get through these tough times! Welter Healthcare Partners is offering temporary and ongoing support services in the areas of outsourced coding, provider and facility credentialing and enrollment services, and financial strategy and compliance.nnIf you need assistance, please contact Jennifer Heuer, COO at 303.534.0388 or