Colorado COVID-19 Telehealth Updates

Sep 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

Please find the latest updates from the major commercial health insurance payers in Colorado with more information on how they will be handling COVID-19 moving forward. As you very well know, the health plans have been changing their policies and procedures in response to COVID-19 as the Public Health Emergency (PHE) continues to unfold. These rolling changes will impact benefits for members and will also influence some of the services you may provide.


This update has information from each health plan to keep you informed on any updated timelines, member cost-sharing responsibility, and covered services for the remainder of the PHE. As you can see, most of the dates for telehealth services have been pushed back to allow continued services for members at home.


Your team at WHP will continue to monitor the coming changes to keep you up to date any new timelines or rule updates. Based on the current track record, we suspect this will all change again. Click here to download and print the PDF.

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