CMS Seeking Comment on E/M Add-on Code GPC1X

Aug 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

CMS is looking for public comments on the changes of the 2021 E/M codes. The added code focuses on services and resources suited to individual patients regarding ongoing and long-term illness. Keep reading to learn more about the addition of this code.nnWith the proposed 2021 Evaluation & Management (E/M) changes final rule on track to be released November 1, 2020, CMS is currently seeking public comment regarding the addition of code GPC1X [Complex visit w med care svs].nnCMS is looking for comment on the codes intended use as previous descriptions were found to be “unclear”. This code was created with the intent of supporting the longitudinal care of patients, however, CMS has received several concerns that the description could be interpreted as applicable to every office or outpatient E/M visit.nnIn the proposed rule, the agency states “We continue to believe that the time, intensity, and PE involved in furnishing services to patients on an ongoing basis that result in a comprehensive, longitudinal, and continuous relationship with the patient and involves the delivery of team-based care that is accessible, coordinated with other practitioners and providers, and integrated with the broader health care landscape, are not adequately described by the revised office/outpatient E/M visit code set. We believe the inclusion of HCPCS add-on code GPC1X appropriately recognizes the resources involved when practitioners furnish services that are best suited to patients’ ongoing care needs and potentially evolving illness. We also believe the work reflected in HCPCS add-on code GPC1X is inherently distinct from existing coding that describes preventive and cares management services.”nnSubmissions are due before 11:59 PM on October 5, 2020.nnClick here for more information on code GPC1X.