6 Ways You Can Build Healthy Habits at Work

Jan 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

The New Year always brings opportunities to grow and learn. While many find it difficult to be healthy in the workplace there are simple steps to take to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Below are six great tips on building healthy habits at work. Read the article below to find out 6 ways you can build healthy habits at work and how these simple changes can be beneficial for you!nnnWe all know that we need to make healthier decisions on a daily basis, yet many of us fail to initiate substantial changes until health complications, stress, or other factors force us to take action.nnConvenience is one of the more common excuses. You’ll hear people say something like, “I work 50 hours a week and simply don’t have time to eat healthy, exercise, and care for my mental health.” Upon first hearing this, it’s easy to nod your head in agreement – but is this really a viable excuse? Does the fact that you work full-time excuse you from healthy living?nnIf we’re honest with ourselves, busyness is just a scapegoat for laziness. Millions of people hone healthy habits while at work and you can, too.nnHealthy workplace habits don’t form overnight. They command purposeful commitment and repetition. But if you’re going to prioritize health while working full-time, you’ll need to commit to habits like these:nn1. Packing Your Own LunchnnOne of the worst habits office workers have is poor nutrition. With limited time for lunch breaks and a desire to get out of the office, most people opt for fast food. And while fast-food meals are fine every couple of weeks, multiple greasy burgers each week will wreak havoc on your health.nnAs impractical as the suggestion may seem, try packing your own lunch and keeping it in the break room refrigerator. By meal prepping on Sundays, you give yourself access to healthy meals throughout the week (without having to do a bunch of cooking each day).nn2. Eating Healthy Office SnacksnnLunch isn’t the only thing that holds your diet back. If your office is like most, the only snacks you have available are highly processed vending machine selections. This has to change!nnTry explaining to your boss that healthy office snacks can boost productivity and output. If nothing else, they should replace the options in the vending machine. Better yet, try convincing management to put complimentary healthy snacks in the break room!nn3. Standing Up FrequentlynnSitting in front of your desk for seven or eight hours a day is awful for your posture, circulation, and overall health. While you probably don’t have many options for getting away from your desk, you can always switch up how you work.nnTry standing at your desk for at least 30-60 minutes per day. And instead of using a traditional office chair, look into a kneeling chair to improve posture and take some of the pressure off your neck and lower back.nn4. Getting 30 Minutes of Daily ExercisennIt’s highly recommended that you get at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. If you’re unable to carve out time for a fitness routine before or after work, perhaps your lunch break will suffice.nnWhether it’s simple bodyweight exercises in your office or a full workout at a nearby gym, here are 10 lunchtime workouts that can be done in just half an hour. No excuses!nn5. Avoiding Negative SituationsnnToo much negativity will put a strain on your emotions and adversely impact your mental health. Thankfully, it’s often possible to avoid negative situations and surround yourself with positivity.nnOffice gossip and drama between coworkers should be things you avoid at all costs. If someone tries to pull you in, politely explain that you choose not to get caught up in office riffraff. Shielding yourself from this friction will keep you focused on work and productivity.nn6. Unplugging for Periods of TimennBeing constantly connected to the internet is exhausting. Though your job may require you to be dialed in for most of the day, look for brief periods where you can unplug and disconnect. Whether it’s a mid-morning break, your lunch break, or the commute to and from the office, cherish these opportunities to connect with your soul.nnPrioritizing Health in the WorkplacennNobody is going to prioritize your health for you. If it’s important to you, you have to be the one to proactively pursue smart behaviors that enhance your physical and mental capacities. If it helps, try rallying a few coworkers together and holding each other accountable. As they say, there’s power in numbers.nnOriginal article published on thriveglobal.com