September is International Update Your Resumé Month

Sep 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

It is always a good idea to update your resume, so why not take the initiative now since September is international update your resumé month. Read below for more!nnOne of my favorite things to wake up to in the morning is our local newscasters telling us what is today’s “Nation Day of”. As a connoisseur of mac n’ cheese, and French fries, I especially like to keep an eye on when these days are coming up so that indulgence is less guilt-ridden. In addition to these seemingly underappreciated days, we all know of some of the greater know awareness months out there like breast cancer in October and Heart disease in February. But with so many worthy causes, each month is stacked with a plethora to choose from. Here is one I bet you were not aware of.nnSo be sure to mark your calendars moving forward and use September to reflect on your accomplishments over the previous year and update your resume to include all of your achievements!nnFor more information on updating your resumé, click here!