Welter Healthcare Partners Associates Successfully Completes SIM Curriculum for Primary Care Practices

Aug 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

Welter Healthcare Partners has successfully completed yet another important project for the State of Colorado.  We were asked by the Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) to create a curriculum to help primary care practices better understand how to integrate behavioral health services into their commercial payer contracts such that these services will be reimbursed and as a result remain sustainable.nnThere are six chapters for this curriculum, made up of both workbooks and webinars to help guide you through the program. This content was developed and produced using funding from the Colorado State Innovation Model, a federally funded, Governor’s Office initiative. Click here to learn more.nnYou may follow this link to the Welter Healthcare Partners website where you can view the videos and workbooks for this curriculum and you can also check out our YouTube channel.