Get Audit Ready

Dec 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

It is a word that brings dread to most people, AUDIT. The stress of an audit is real and can be felt just by walking into the room. So what can be done to help prevent all the drama? The short answer, like most things, is to be prepared. Get a plan in place and be ready when the time comes. Working with your external compliance auditors and having open lines of communication can play a big role in making sure you and your practice get the most out of it. Make sure they know what your concerns are going into their review. Have a clear and defined code set in, the addition of production reports helps to support the codes you wish to audit. In the end, they are there to help and provide an outside perspective.nnIn the November issue of the AAPC’s Healthcare Business Monthly, there is an excellent article with a six-step plan to audit success.n

Click here to view the November issue of the AAPC’s Healthcare Business Monthly.