Fundamentals of Managed Care — Todd Welter at Regis University

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Fundamentals of Managed Care — Todd Welter at Regis UniversityTodd Welter laughs about it now. When first approached about offering his “Fundamentals of Managed Care” course online for students in Regis’ Division of Health Services Administration, he admits he was resistant.nn”Back then – it seems kind of silly nowadays – I thought teaching online was just a fad,” said Welter, an affiliate faculty member. “It’s amazing how fast that has taken off.”nnNow more than 10 years into teaching his signature course and more than 75 percent of that time teaching it online, he can’t imagine it any other way.nnWelter’s teaching philosophy is simple: Engage online students no differently than those in a campus-based class. He maintains regular contact by jumping online frequently throughout the day, responding promptly to questions and making himself available away from the computer – whether by phone or even in-person to work through material face to face.nnClass discussions are still energetic. Personal attention is still a focal point. And everyone, Welter included, comes away from each session learning something new.nnStudents also gain the benefit of his more than 25 years of health care industry experience. He is president and founder of Welter Healthcare Partners, Inc., which works with providers, hospitals, public health agencies and other facilities around the world on the business side of health care. Welter, who earned a Master of Science in Organization Leadership and Management, credits his own Regis education with helping him see the big picture, think outside the box and find solutions. Those skills are what give Regis graduates an edge in the job market and help them excel in a field that is exploding with opportunity, including the ability to join in efforts to move health care forward, he said.nn”I am part of changing health care,” he said. “And I want to drag students into it. I want to tell them, ‘Get in the storm and be part of the change.'”nnConnect and find out how Regis can position you as a change agent in health care.n

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