CMS Delays Start of Primary Care Payment Model

Oct 30, 2019 | Uncategorized

CMS’ Innovation Center will delay the start of a new payment model called Primary Care First by a year, according to timeline updates on the model’s information page.nnPrimary Care First, announced in April, was slated to begin in January 2020. Now, it will begin in January 2021. The voluntary model is a set of five-year payment options that tie payment to value and quality metrics in hopes of reducing healthcare costs. Options under the Primary Care First model were set to be offered in 26 regions for a 2020 start date.nnPractices that wish to apply to the model to begin participation in January 2021 could begin applying Oct. 24, 2019. Applications close Jan. 22, 2020.nnRead more about the model here.nnOriginal article published on beckershospitalreview.comnn